3205 Venetucci Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

World Arena
Skating Academy

Located at the World Arena Ice Hall 

US Olympic Training Site

3205 Venetucci Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

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Philosophy, Mission and Purpose

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Our 2019 WASA Coaches and Skaters

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OUR STAFF and Athletes

WASA Board of Directors

Christy Krall, Chairman

Tom Zakrajsek, President

Damon Allen, First Vice President

Tammy Gambill, Second Vice President

Janet Champion, Secretary

Eddie Shipstad, Treasurer

Becky Cavlin, Member At Large

World, Olympic and WASA staff coaches provide:

  • Private instruction
  • On and off ice group classes
  • Gold, Silver, Bronze and Developmental levels
  • Singles, Pairs and Ice Dancing

Come Train With 2019's Best!

  • World Bronze Medalist Vincent Zhou
  • World Junior Champion Tomoki Hiwatashi
  • World Junior Bronze Medalist Ting Cui
  • Korean Ladies Champion Young You
  • Chinese Ladies Champion Christy Leung

WASA On and OFF ICE Classes


Skating Skills

This daily class covers basic alignment on edges, turns and steps. 

The purpose of the class is to gain power, acceleration and speed with correct edge pressure for effortless glide. Once a week the class will focus on school figures.

Jump Classes

Off ice jump classes work on the basics of jumping through a series of exercises in a safe setting to help speed up the on-ice learning process for complex double, triple and quadruple jumps.  On ice classes emphasize a competitive format with skaters divided into small groups and rotating from three different coaches.

Warm Up and Cool Down

Off ice warm ups are necessary before you start your first session; there are two types: mobility/stabilty and dynamic. Cool down is necessary at the end of your day and is the beginning of your body's recovery process. 

Ballet and Elective Dance

Ballet and figure skating complement each other using a similar language. Skaters need to develop an understanding of axis, muscle control, alignment and dance performance for artistry. Elective dance can be any other dance form such as hip-hop or modern. These types of dance are important for figure skaters because they need to move on and off the body's axis while doing step sequences as well as reach the audience with an emotional purpose,  while performing and competing.

Chalk Talk

This off ice class deals with the strategy as welll as the theory of movement in figure skating. Ideal for understanding current rule changes as well as making the best use of your time between sessions. After listening to this short presentation the skater takes to the ice to make the theory a reality

Champion's Mindset

This off ice class  focuses on the understanding the practical application of sports concepts as they apply to training and competing in the sport of figure skating.  Helps skaters understand how to apply words such as hard work, determination and perseverance in everyday training.

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World Arena Ice Hall

3205 Venetucci Blvd, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906, United States

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